Powering Your Off-Grid Life: The Deep Power 120Ah Lithium Battery

Powering Your Off-Grid Life: The Deep Power 120Ah Lithium Battery

Getting off the grid with renewable energy is gaining popularity among RV owners, boaters, remote homesteaders, and many outdoor enthusiasts. Harnessing power from sources like solar and wind enables self-sufficient living away from utility connections. But effectively storing and using that off-grid energy remains a challenge. With limited capacity and short lifespans, lead acid batteries underperform for most deep cycle applications. The Deep Power 120Ah lithium iron phosphate battery offers a robust, safe, and reliable solution for off-grid energy storage and use.

Why Lithium Iron Phosphate?

Lithium iron phosphate, or LiFePO4, has emerged as a top lithium battery chemistry for deep cycle applications. It offers key advantages over both conventional lead acid batteries and cobalt-based lithium ion batteries:

  • High energy density – LiFePO4 packs over twice the capacity per volume versus lead acid. The Deep Power 120Ah battery weighs just 13kgs, compact enough for RV, marine and off-grid installation.
  • Long lifespan – LiFePO4 batteries retain over 80% capacity for 3000 cycles. Lead acid’s lifespan is just 500 cycles at best. You’ll get years of reliable service from a Deep Power 120Ah battery.
  • Safe and stable – LiFePO4 uses iron phosphate cathodes that resist overheating and fire issues present in cobalt lithium batteries. Thermal runaway risks are minimized.
  • High discharge rates – LiFePO4 loses minimal capacity even when deeply discharged at up to 30A continuous. Lead acid struggles with high loads.
  • Fast charging – LiFePO4 can recharge to over 90% capacity in 1-2 hours. Lead batteries take much longer to reach full charge.

With safety, performance and longevity superior to other chemistries, LiFePO4 like the Deep Power 120Ah lithium battery is ideal for off-grid energy storage.

Sufficient Capacity for Off-Grid Living

With an impressive 120Ah rating, the Deep Power LiFePO4 battery provides plentiful capacity for living off the grid. Consider some example daily energy budgets this battery can support:

  • LED lighting draws about 0.2Ah per hour. The 120Ah capacity could sustain LED lighting for 600 hours, or power multiple lights for weeks off-grid.
  • A DC refrigerator may draw around 2Ah per hour continuously. The battery could run this fridge alone for 60 hours, or power additional loads simultaneously.
  • Laptop charging may require 1.5-2Ah per full charge. You could recharge a laptop 60+ times from the 120Ah capacity.
  • A portable induction cooktop may draw 15-20A on medium settings. The battery could sustain over an hour of cooking per day.

Of course, in practice you’d balance multiple loads like lighting, appliances, and device charging. But with smart load management, the Deep Power 120Ah battery offers ample capacity for several days of power without charging.

Optimized for Solar Charging

Solar energy is the most flexible renewable option for off-grid homes and vehicles. But the Deep Power 120Ah battery’s lithium iron phosphate chemistry also makes it uniquely optimized for solar charging sources like panels and generators. Key advantages versus lead acid batteries include:

  • Faster charging – The battery can recharge from 0 to 90%+ capacity within 1-2 hours at suitable charge rates. This takes advantage of peak solar input.
  • Higher charge efficiency – LiFePO4 absorbs up to 99% of input current when charging. Lead acid tops out at 85% efficiency, wasting solar energy.
  • Lower heat buildup – The battery remains cool during solar charging, reducing stress. Lead batteries get hotter.
  • No current fluctuation – Solar input fluctuates throughout the day. The Deep Power battery smoothly absorbs variable charge rates without damage.

The battery’s built-in battery management system ensures optimal charging from any solar power source. Just pair it with a compatible lithium iron phosphate charge controller to maximize solar energy storage.

Built Tough for Off-Grid Use

Ruggedness and water resistance are also essential for off-grid energy storage exposed to the elements. The Deep Power 120Ah LiFePO4 battery delivers here as well:

  • Its plastic alloy case is IP65 rated waterproof and dust/corrosion proof for indoor/outdoor installation.
  • Shock and vibration resistance makes it suitable for vehicle or marine environments.
  • Overcharge, over discharge, short circuit and overheating protection provide complete safety.
  • Secure mounting points allow reliable installation.
  • The battery weighs just 13kg for manageable handling, transport, and operation.

Don’t let harsh off-grid conditions stop you from realizing the benefits of lithium iron phosphate energy storage. The Deep Power 120Ah battery is up for the challenge.

Sized Right for Off-Grid Homes and RVs

With a 120Ah rating, the Deep Power LiFePO4 battery hits the sweet spot for capacity in typical off-grid installations:

  • It’s large enough for 300-600Ah total battery banks that can power an off-grid tiny home for multiple days without charging.
  • Four 120Ah batteries create a 480Ah 12V bank that rivals lead acid banks weighing 4X more.
  • The battery is compact enough at just 334x175x219mm for easy mounting in RVs, boats, and remote power sheds.

Whether building a new off-grid dwelling or upgrading an existing system, the modularity and capacity of the Deep Power 120Ah battery make it ideal for both primary and supplemental off-grid energy storage.

Cut Your Reliance on Diesel Generators

Diesel generators have long been an off-grid staple. But their noise, fumes and reliance on fuel deliveries can make them less than ideal for remote living. Supplementing your generator with solar-charged lithium storage like the Deep Power 120Ah battery can minimize generator runtime:

  • Use battery power for low/moderate loads day-to-day
  • Run the generator periodically to charge batteries during high demand
  • Determine minimum generator run hours/frequency to conserve fuel
  • Prevent long generator runs for battery charging needs alone

By making smart use of all your off-grid power assets, the Deep Power 120Ah battery can help you break free from the shackles of generator dependence for life off the grid.

Make the Switch from Lead Acid

If you currently rely on lead acid batteries for off-grid living, switching to lithium iron phosphate storage is a compelling upgrade. The Deep Power 120Ah lithium battery offers:

  • 2X the capacity in the same space
  • 5X longer lifespan
  • Faster recharging from solar and alternators
  • More resilience to deep discharging
  • Lower maintenance needs

While lead acid batteries have served off-grid homes for decades, their limitations are clear. Lithium iron phosphate like the Deep Power 120Ah battery is a modern, high-performance replacement ready to handle your off-grid power needs today and into the future.

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