Common rental property repairs that a property maintenance service can offer(1)

Common rental property repairs that a property maintenance service can offer

Common rental property repairs that a property maintenance service can offer

Managing a rental property is not something easy to do. You will need to pay attention to a variety of factors. However, a property maintenance company will be able to deliver all the help that you need with it. Here are some of the most common rental property repairs where a property maintenance company can assist. 

Water heaters

In case if the water heater breaks down, you can be sure that you’ll find out about it right away. Nobody enjoys taking a cold shower. The cost of rebuilding the whole system may be high, but there’s also a strong chance that it can be resolved with a quick remedy, like relighting its lights or changing the heating element. In any case, it’s crucial to hire a specialist to check the rental home before assuming it’s beyond repair.

Employing a professional to take care of annual maintenance on the hot water system, such as emptying the water to get rid of sediment accumulation, is also a smart option.

Water Spills

This should be no surprise that one of the most frequent problems landlords deal with is water leaks. After all, there are several potential locations for a leak as well as an equal number of potential reasons, such as a damaged roof, a failed weatherstripping, improperly fitting pipes or a careless homeowner who left the faucet running.

Make sure to update worn-out weather stripping on windows and doors to help prevent unforeseen problems and keep an eye out for indicators of water damage in the rental home since they might indicate hidden leaks. Additionally, think about putting in sensors that might assist in finding leaks quickly to reduce the possibility of extensive damage.

When a leak develops, try to determine the reason, shut off the supply of water, and contact the right expert. 

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms provide early alerts that might help safeguard lives and property when they’re operating properly. Installing smoke alarms in the rental homes is essential as a landlord, particularly in bedrooms and corridors. Additionally, you must put smoke alarms on every floor of your rental buildings since smoke may move slowly. The more chance you must reduce injuries and damage, the sooner you or your renters will detect a fire.

Naturally, a smoke alarm is only useful if it is completely functional. The government authorities advise checking batteries monthly and updating smoke detectors every ten years to make sure your smoke detection equipment is operating as it should.


A used washer can make the pipes burst, bulge, freeze, or become detached. And it’s your responsibility to see that any of these situations are fixed when you get in touch with an experienced plumber out there. 

Make sure that you ask the renters to notify you if they see any leaking or moist areas underneath pipes, since this would indicate that the connections between the pipes have been disconnected. If left unattended for too long, even small leaks might result in serious harm.

Ask your renters to help prevent the freezing of pipes during the colder months as well. For instance, when the outside temperature drops below 32°F, you need to make sure that the thermostat is left at a minimum of around 54 degrees, so that water would drip out from the taps.

HVAC system

Systems for heating and cooling include a great deal of moving parts and are quite complicated. You and your renters may have annoying problems when the summer and winter temperatures soar if you don’t get your air conditioning and heating system examined and cleaned.

Even if you keep up with normal HVAC maintenance, there’s still a potential that anything would go wrong, in which case you’ll need to act quickly. Many states compel landlords to supply heat is part of their assurance, however rules vary by jurisdiction.

Electrical work

It’s crucial that you take electricity safety very seriously as a landlord.  Consider purchasing ground fault conditions interrupter (GFCI) outlets or tamper-resistant (TR) plugs to increase your defense against property fires. 

Remind renters to use the proper lightbulb wattage, avoid putting several high-voltage gadgets into one socket at once, and always switch off equipment before disconnecting them. As these signs may point to a more severe electrical problem, ask them to record any occurrences of sparking devices, strobing lights, heated wall outlets, or blown fuses.


Landlords often deal with issues with toilets, especially when, like with trash disposals, objects are dropped into them that aren’t supposed to be there. It’s vital to warn your renters not to flush items like baby wipes, wiping pads, cotton swabs, and paper towels since they may all cause damage to your drainage system as well as septic tank. Clogs may sometimes be cleared by plunging them out, but for more serious obstructions, a professional plumber may be required to remove the unwelcome objects.

Additionally, several metal and plastic components that are housed in toilet tanks have a tendency to break, bend, or become unconnected. Although it’s usually simple and affordable to address these problems, it’s still a good idea to hire a professional.


It’s not unusual for rental properties to have drywall damage when tenants go, generally as a result of accidents or heavy wall hangings. Drywall can often be fixed fast and easily. Larger holes, however, can need the replacement of drywall, which takes a little longer. You will not be able to foresee the issues that will happen in the future. This is why you need to take appropriate preventive steps. The property maintenance company that you work with will be able to take care of such problems. 

Final words

If you work with the best property maintenance company out there, you will not face any challenges with getting these issues fixed. Make sure that you spend time finding the right services provider, and you will never be disappointed. 

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